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Crossed Keys Inn

Crossed Keys Inn, under a blanket. A beautiful place I work at.


Outer Banks: Explosions in the sky

Upon my arrival in the OBX after a good 7 hour drive and a pit stop in Delaware for tax free booze, a new T4i was sprung on me. It was one of a few cameras I was looking at as a grad present. I was previously nothing but a Nikon guy so it has been a rough transition, a few things are completely backwards. But it is a total upgrade in that the cameras I had been using were of inferior classes.

Being as it was a vacation I was reluctant to take it out onto the beach and such because my vacation to alcohol ratio is 1:1. But I couldn’t pass up the chance at fireworks once I learned of the bulb feature I have never had the pleasure of using. So I popped in a card, snagged my tripod and headed to the beach. I took a random picture on some random settings and got basically a blank frame. I then set up pointing at the pier the fireworks were going to come from. But someone about 125 feet away lit their own firework off and I quickly ballparked it to where i thought it would go off.  And the second picture I ever took with my new camera was THIS:

IMG_0004I was slightly shocked at the colors and the lucky framing.  SO I focused up for the rest of the shoot. Here are a few highlights. Sometimes the tripod moved, which created an effect, and I’ve read about how using the image stabilization eature with a tripod creates shaking in the image, but im not quite sure. These don’t even look like fireworks, they are unreal, and BARELY if at all edited.  The blue in the 2nd picture down is NOT edited, I couldn’t enhance that if I tried. CLICK for full effect.

IMG_0104 IMG_0138 IMG_0043 IMG_0049 IMG_0080

Whats funny is that every other time I had been to the Outer Banks, which used to be yearly, I was blowing things up left right and center. This time I saw it in a different, ridiculous,  multicolored light.

Burden, Withovt: Doom metal in studio

I was lucky enough to get a chance to be in studio for my buddy Blackest Jeff’s band Burden‘s new studio album, Withovt. Recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey, these guys traveled up from Philly to lay down some tracks. This installment is sure to be their most brutal chapter, and it gave me an opportunity to try out the new T4i that was sprung on me. I kinda wanted a Nikon, but here we are, learning to do things backwards with my new Canon. But I think my first shoot with people turned out well enough. Here are some highlights from dim lit studio. And its always good to be around Cheeseburger Jeff’s musical creations, as I’ve melted into more than a few of his creations from his projects like Sharp Teeth, and Blackest Lava and Pyramid Minds. IMG_0442 IMG_0224 IMG_0244 IMG_0267 Read the rest of this page »

Route 47 photo series

For my final project in college ever(!) I got to do a photo series on the northern most part of route 47. It was particularly significant for me because I finished the last moments of my college career waiting for the sun to set over the Naval Yard, where my grandfather and uncles worked. Not to mention the Linc, Citizens Bank Park and the whole stadium complex, some of the most significant places in my life and  the lives of my entire extended family lay before me.

Heres the link and a few of the highlights:

Nj Southbound; Along the Delaware 

DSC_0555 DSC_0592 DSC_0786DSC_0003 DSC_0028

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Interview with Jed Gaylin of the Bay Atlantic Symphony


This is an interview I did with Jed Gaylin. Jed is the music director of the Bay Atlantic Symphony. A fantastic local symphony here in New Jersey. they have a special relationship with Stockton college and Cumberland County college, where they often play. I was lucky enough to be allowed to shoot a dress rehearsal. Mr. Gaylin saw me enter the room and we were quickly into an interview. Luckily for me I had lost some sleep the last few nights thinking of what I would ask, and ruminating on the photos I had seen taken of him before. Luckily everything went well. Hanging around during their rehearsal was amazing. Mr. Gaylin was so forceful and demanding, he did not want to play, as he said, “generic Schubert.”

The other piece they played was Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto. A wild piece , like affirmation through sound. It was beautiful and haunting, a favorite for me no doubt amongst what I have heard in this genre. Being alone to witness this in a massive auditorium was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And to have a personal audience with the maestro made it just that much sweeter.

I still want to add some music to the end of the video. It seems to beg for a snippet of sound.

Philadelphia’s Homeless

This is an assignment i did last year on a social issue. Most people in my photojournalism class went to an animal shelter and took pictures of sad cats. Needing to be different and display my ability to shoot in the city, I drove in a few last minute mornings in a row to get my 30 final shots. Being the deadline fiend I am this meant doing this the morning it was due, but whatever, soldier mode.

DSC_0146I decided on black and white and was pretty happy with it.



This one was originally in black and white. But I want to show you that I got this shot directly after this guy puked on the wall.

Click for more

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A New Jersey Morning

So my (last) class (ever)  is doing a silly project on rt 47. Which goes from Camden to Wildwood. Our first assignment had me out shooting for story ideas. So naturally I came back with 50 pictures of inanimate objects with no redeeming qualities but to express the bareness of this road and its attractions. I’m sure I’ll find something worth going into  eventually, so far I’m just falling in love with having a camera in my hand again.



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Rowan vs Virginia Tech

Senior night at Hollydell Arena. In the coming days I will be going through my Rowan hockey pictures from this year. Hopefully with some new editing software. But here are a few that were supposed to run after the game. Better late than never.

Sporting KC vs NY Red Bulls

Sebastian Le Toux takes a corner kick

Sebastian Le Toux takes a corner kick


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